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Developing Six Multiple-Well Drilling Projects

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Securities Offered:

Equity in the form of Shares of Common Stock

Maximum Offering Amount :


Minimum Offering Amount :

Not Applicable

Minimum Investment :


The Company is the mineral lessee of oil and gas leases within each of the Project Areas. Each Project Area includes wells to be drilled with production possibilities ranging from depths of 1000 feet or shallower, down to roughly 4000 feet. All of these projects are close to known hydrocarbon production and offset well log data confirms the possibility of encountering commercial production. All the potential wells are relatively inexpensive to drill and complete at their projected depths.


The Company intends to use the Proceeds to exploit underutilized or unutilized Hydrocarbon reserves in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma through

  • (1) the redevelopment, re-tooling, and deepening of existing vertical and horizontal wells;
  • (2) vertical and short-lateral (<1,000 ft.) horizontal drilling upon existing well pads;
  • (3) new vertical and short-lateral (<1,000 ft.) horizontal well development on unproven properties;
  • (4) purchase, acquire, and/or re-lease existing mineral leases for the purpose of drilling and producing hydrocarbons;
  • (5) opportunistic acquisition of producing wells or leases from operators in the target area;
  • (6) any other activities necessary or reasonable to ensure profitable and compliant execution of (1)-(5).

For purposes of (6), such activities may include, but is not limited to, the laying of pipelines from the drill sites to distribution locations, acquisition or use of additional wastewater wells, contracting third party persons for operations.

The Company intends to have a conservative financial approach to well development, completion, and production. The Company has identified six development plays. Information and data for the analysis of this acreage are from electric logs, drillers' logs, completion and production reports obtained from the IHS Energy, the Oklahoma Well Log Library, private well records and 3-D seismic data, in conjunction with drilling and completion reports and production records of ongoing operations in the area. These plays are numbered (by the Company) as follows:

Play 2: Longview Stacked Pay Prospect:

  • Six New Drills identified
  • Three Potential Additional Accelerator Drills

Play 3: Bad Creek Stacked Pay Prospect:

  • One New Drills Identified
  • Two Potential Additional Accelerator Drills

Play 4: Bad Creek Booch Oil Prospect:

  • Two New Drills Identified

Play 5: Bartlesville Horizontal Oil Prospect:

  • Three New Horizontal Drills Identified
  • Three New Drills Identified

Play 6: Patriot Stacked Play Prospect:

  • Two New Drills Identified
  • Two Potential Additional Accelerator Drills

Play 7: Schlumberger Cromwell/ Jefferson/Wilcox prospects:

  • Eleven new drills identified

The Company will also seek out mineral lease acquisition targets of conventional drilling prospects and distressed/undercapitalized assets within prospect area and a three-hour radius from Tulsa - namely the Cherokee Basin, Southern Kansas Arbuckle, and Bartlesville strata. The ability to keep a watchful eye over operations is a core belief of the Company. The targeted well sites and mineral leases will be either producing or low-risk prospect sites.

Management holds a "targeted drilling" philosophy versus the "gross acreage" large land play philosophy, shying away from purchasing potentially wasted, unproductive acreage.


terms of the offering


Minimum Investment: $500 (500 Shares))

The Shares are being offered at a purchase price of One Dollar ($1.00) per Share. The Minimum Offering Amount for any Investor is Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00). Therefore, an Investor must purchase at least Five Hundred (500) Shares. Upon purchase of Shares, a Shareholder is granted (1) voting rights; (2) a right to receive dividends or disbursements, if and when the Board declares such dividends or disbursements. For a complete summary of the rights granted to Shareholders, see “Description of the Securities” below. The Shares are non-transferrable except in limited circumstances, and no market is expected to form with respect to the Shares.

Each Project Area includes wells to be drilled with production possibilities ranging from depths of 1000 feet or shallower, down to roughly 4000 feet. None of the potential production areas can be categorized as “Proven” as all are undrilled prospects.

Management Team

The Company is currently managed by seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success of the Company and efficient execution of its planned operations.

Jeff Leenerts

Jeff Leenerts

Jeff Leenerts


Jeff Leenerts has over twenty years direct experience in oil and gas operations. During this time he has worked in all oil and gas production facets including: well pad preparation, drill manufacturing, drilling operations, production, post-completion production, wastewater disposal, and hydrocarbon sales.

  • Formed Inland Oil & Gas LLC (now Inland Oil & Gas Company) in 2011.
  • Formal Education: Missouri State University (MBA-2003) University of Oklahoma (BBA-1997)
John Leenerts

John Leenerts

John Leenerts

Director, Vice President
  • Thirty five years as an Oil and Gas industry executive
  • Partner in Metro Energy Group, Inc. from 1999-2012.
  • Joint Venture experience with both Devon Energy & Williams in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma.
  • Formal Education: Southern Illinois University
Jeffrey Steinke

Jeffrey Steinke

Jeffrey Steinke:

Director, Secretary

Mr. Steinke is the Company employee most involved with handling issues related to regulation of the Company’s activities by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. Mr. Steinke also advises on certain contracts the Company may have with third party service providers, using his extensive knowledge and expertise to protect the company form potential regulatory issues.

Mr. Steinke has worked in the industry for various independent oil and gas companies in Tulsa, Dallas and Calgary in administrative, legal, and management capacities.

For the past five years, Jeffrey Steinke has been an officer and director of Inland Oil and Gas, Inc. and Inland Operating Company. He was in charge of all contractual and Oklahoma Corporation Commission work. He is an Officer and Director of Inland Mid-Continent Corporation.

  • Formal Education: University of Tulsa (B.S., 1972), University of Tulsa College of Law J.D. (1975)
Jerry Deem

Jerry Deem

Jerry Deem

Landman Contractor

Jerry Deem is the primary landman for the Company. His duties include direct negotiations and due diligence regarding the acquisition and securing of mineral leases on behalf of the Company. Mr. Deem has over thirteen years of experience working as a landman. He has worked on acquiring leases in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Montana, West Virginia and Ohio. From time to time, Mr. Deem also serves as qualified witness for Oklahoma Corporation Commission pooling and spacing proceedings. Mr. Deem has worked as a landman for Metro Energy Group and as a consultant for Apache Corporation, SandRidge Energy, Chesapeake Energy, and Citizen Energy, amongst others.

  • Formal Education: University of Oklahoma (2002)
  • Professional Organizations: American Association of Professional Landmen
Tim Johnston

Tim Johnston

Tim Johnston


Timothy Johnston has extensive experience in financial administration and has worked for over 35 years in various capacities for both private and public companies in the natural resources industry. For the past eight years, Tim has been and continues to be a partner at Tax and Financial Services, LLP. Mr. Johnston is the director of Gecko Minerals Limited, An Australian-listed public company, and is the President of Oklahoma Energy Consultants, Inc. which advises clients on taxation, acquisition, and administration of oil and gas properties in North America. Mr. Johnston holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting from Oklahoma State University.


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